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Best Free Way To View Any Blocked YouTube From Any Country For Windows 10, Mac, Android, iOS Users


YouTube is a global video sharing website that evolving every single day. The algorithm of YT developing regularly. Millions of digital experts use to take advantage of the gap holes to increase views and subscribers. However, the billion dollar company started to improve the algorithms to counter such actions.

YouTube is no longer transparent as it was a decade ago when Google did not involve in business. Even though viewers are getting the maximum benefits of the video sharing site, but there are millions of videos that we cannot watch due to restrictions.

Why is YouTube no longer Safe?

Google acquired YT has changed the business model over the years. The business pattern has changed, and the company is focusing more on collecting viewers information.

A company that generates billions of dollars every year has one goal in mind. YouTube is focusing on collecting user data, and it isn’t a good idea to use the platform without a VPN.

1) Google is available around the globe, but it is banned in several countries.

2) Many videos are restricted in different countries due to copyright regulations.

3) The algorithm doesn’t show a video relevant to the search due to the country-language barrier.

4) The reality show production crew started to avail the series on the web. You cannot access the shows because they have restricted it.

5) The entire website filled with web trackers, analytic codes, behavior codes, and spies.

The search engine giant Google is trying everything possible at their expense to collect data about the customers, and viewers.

So how do you watch restricted videos without getting tracked?

FilterBypass is the solution

Unblocking YouTube is not an easier task for any individual. In such cases, FilterBypass is an excellent tool for unblocking youtube content.

The online tool does not ask visitors or viewers to create an account and start using it. You can enter the URL of the video or search for it and start watching the videos.

FilterBypass is an online offering unblocking YouTube services for free of cost. The developers designed the website for heavy data users, so the server does not crash.


1) You don’t have to sign-in to the account to watch age-restricted videos.

2) The developers designed the minimal website with a mobile-friendly template.

3) Viewers can watch the video in available resolutions such as 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and highest resolution offered by YT.

4) The advanced audio feature allows the user to listen to music in the background.

5) Unblock youtube region blocked videos without any issues. The server protected by the SSL Certificate, so the proxy isn’t tractable and privacy invasion.

6) A custom developed video player to unlock the full potential of the freeware.

The list of features does not seem to end, so we are going to put a break to it here. There are several other advantages of unblock YouTube to increase the experience of digital freedom.

How to use FilterBypass Unblock YouTube?

The minimal design of the site does not intimidate beginners, but if you are a basic user, then we have a short tutorial for you. The interface is extremely easy to follow, so do not expect a complicated end of the design.

Step 1: Go the official site of unblock YouTube site.

Step 2: The FiltyerBypass websites show up on your screen and scroll down.

Step 3: At the bottom of the page, you have two options 1) enter the URL of the video, 2) surf the site.

Step 4: You have a control panel at the top of the site and navigate it carefully to increase privacy.

Step 5: Search for a video and start playing it.

The videos play fine on the proxy-based service, and it does not bottleneck the internet package whatsoever. During our test, we could not find the YouTube dedicated player in it and the proxy utilizing the custom video player. The improved video player gains farther control over the restrictions and video quality production.


A proxy web server is the significance of modern digital freedom, and it unlocks the potential of the internet. Governments, policies, and copyright laws restrict visual content around the world. You can unblock YouTube in a few clicks with FilterBypass and let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.

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