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YouTube To MP3 Downloader – YouTubNow Review With Webm, M4a Support


YouTube is a popular video sharing site and a streaming portal available around the world. Google acquired the site from the founders a decade ago, and it fueled the growth of the portal in a matter of years. You can find millions of new video content on the platform every single day.

However, YT acquired by Google to generate revenue to fuel other projects, and it was promoted by the company to increase revenue. The business model is to allow the viewers to watch the videos without logging into an account, but the download options are missing.


The business model is advertising via display ads, video ads, clickable ads and more. If the viewers start downloading the content from the platform, then why would anyone watch videos?

Yes, the entire website has converted into a commercial site that feeds the people advertisements to the masses. However, Google improved YT services, added new features, sharing revenue with content creators, and more.

In short, you cannot download video content or audio content on the platform.

What is YoutubNow?

We have mentioned that there are no download options for the users because the YouTube business model does not allow it to happen. So, the visitors left with one option and it is to depend on the third-party tools and services.

Fortunately, we have a new portal to download YouTube to MP3 in a few clicks.

Visitors can download the video content or music content in the MP3 format in a few clicks without worrying policies.

YouTub Now is an online YouTube to MP3 downloader, and it allows the users to download any content on YT to download in local storage.


  1. No virus, malware or spyware linked to the site. I have tested it with VirusTotal online tool, and it is safe to use.

  1. No hidden fee or charges to utilize the site.
  2. The online tool, so visitors do not have to download Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or smartphone app to use the service. However, there is a Youtub Now software available for the Windows operating system.
  3. User-friendly site and everyone will agree to it.
  4. Users can download YouTube video in Audio and Video format without question.

  1. Anyone can download the YouTube video in MP3 format in a few clicks.
  2. The audio format is MP3 in 128 Kbps bitrate. It’s not high, but it does not provide a decent output to the listeners.
  3. No need to worry about the YT policies because users do not get affected by it until or unless selling or distribution is involved.
  4. The developers added five languages so that visitors can navigate the site in the native language.

The list of features keep goes on, so test the site for an in-depth experience.

How to use Youtub Now?

I consider a demonstration is an important aspect of every product and service.

Step 1: Visit the official site of YouTubNow

Step 2: Go to YouTube to copy the video URL, and yes, you need to have the URL of the video to download it from the site.

Step 3: Paste the URL in the empty field and click on search to confirm the video, or you can click on download.

Step 4: It takes a few moments for the tool to fetch the video information such as formats, and download links. You can select video format, audio format, and resolution as well. A quick look at the size of the file can give you a lot of information, and click on download to begin saving the file in local storage.

Step 5: In a few moments, then file saved to the local storage.

You can download unlimited amounts of video and audio contents from the site without any limitations.

Is YouTub Now Legal?


In the past few years, several reputed sites have taken down, or they have shut down.

One of the popular YouTube to MP3 site shut down after several copyright lawsuits filed against the founders of the site. There is a huge risk for the founders getting sued by the music industry and others.

Now, we have to look at the audience perceptive and what’s going to happen to the users?

You can utilize the site without any issues from home connection. Avoid using it in public network, work network, and Government networks.

Never try to sell, distribute the content downloaded from YouTube without permissions.

Download & use it for yourselves, and you should be fine.


YouTube is a major platform today leaving Facebook behind and the company disabled download options for the world. YoutubNow online YT tool can convert video content o MP3 in a few clicks. Let us know what do you think about YouTube to MP3 tool in the comment section below.

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