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R-Studio Data Recovery Software for Mac Review


R-Studio is one of the most popular and reliable data recovery software designed for Mac users. If you are working on a Mac OS and looking for software to recover the deleted files and photos from your system, then R-Studio is the right software for you.

R-Studio Data Recovery Software works simply and gets you the deleted files from various partitions of your system. The software can recover files from HFS/HFS+ for Mac systems, FAT/NTFS for Windows, UFS1/UFS2 (FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris) and Ext2FS/Ext3FS for Linux Operating Systems.

Fortunately,  the R-Studio for Mac Data Recovery Software for Mac serves the user-friendly interface which makes it easier for the normal mac users to recover their data. The software can recover data from disks even if the partitions are deleted or corrupted with viruses and malware attacks. You can recover files from the damaged disks using this software as well.

The developers of this software have redesigned the entire software and its functionality. The new software comes with a lot of bug fixes which offers a more reliable environment to recover the data. The company has now infused the latest algorithm to recover malicious files from different partitions in your Mac system. This algorithm helps you to recover files from the file system’s metadata when the system can’t recognize the data.

Aside from this, the same software also comes with the support for RAID and Dynamic Disk to recover data forks and resource forks. It also recovers encrypted files, compressed files, and all the data which can’t be recognized by the ordinary data recovery software within the system.

The R-Studio software is specially designed for the Mac systems which come with flexible parameters to recover all kinds of files from various partitions and disks.

If we talk about the interface, the R-Studio software comes with an easy to use interface where two sections will be presented to you. At the left side, you will see the disk partitions and available disks which can be used to fetch the deleted files. The right section shows off a sector-map with more useful data of the process which is currently going on with the software. The right side of the software is very crucial where all types of data and processes can be seen. You can monitor things from the right side of the software.

The software is fully functional and rich with features. You may not have used this type of data recovery software ever. At the right side, when the files are properly scanned, you will see the blocks in different colors. This visual feedback helps the user to recognize which files are being recovered and which are still pending. The software goes through the same process and the colors of the blocks are kept on changing.

If we talk about professionalism, the software is developed for technical persons who can get the right information about the files and data. The software’s language and the available options are more technical and you will get all the information right on your computer’s screen during the process.

On the other hand, the navigation of the software is pretty friendly. You will be guided through various processes while using this software with different dialogues. If you are a new user, then you will get the right information about the process through its simple and easy to follow navigation.

The software works quickly than any other scanning platform. When it accidentally deletes the files, you can simply get those files with a simple undo button. The software is capable to create Virtual RAID volumes using the disks and recovers the data from the failed RAID.

Requirements for R-Studio Software

It’s advanced software designed for Mac users. The software requires…

  • An Intel Processor
  • MacOS with 10.6 or later

Let’s get on to the list of its features to know more about the software’s functionality and capabilities. Let’s find them out now!

R-Studio Data Recovery Software for Mac- Key Features

  • Extensive file search with the advanced algorithm
  • Easy file sorting
  • Mass recovery of different types of files
  • Preview of files through File Previewer
  • Data recovery over network
  • Quick recovery of corrupted, deleted, formatted disk and logical disk
  • Disk Image Creation and processing
  • Support for virtual RAIDs

R-Studio Data Recovery Software: Customer Types

This data recovery software is designed for all types of consumers. It is suitable for Small Business, Larger Business, and Medium Business. Along with MacOS, the same software supports other PC systems such as Linux, Microsoft Windows. You can also use this service with its web-based interface.

Apart from the main Data Recovery Software, the company has three different and useful Freeware to offer for its users. R-Undelete Home,, R-Photo, R-Linux. This freeware are available for free to use and you can make use of each one of them by simply downloading and installing it to a respective Mac system.

R-Undelete Home

This Freeware lets you recover data from any local disk and external storage devices such as microSD cards, memory cards, pen drives and hard drives. It comes with a redesigned interface which makes the recovery process easier for the users.


This R-Photo software is there for the Windows users to recover photos and videos from the drives. The software uses the same powerful data recovery technology to recover photos and videos instantly from a Windows PC.


This is a free file recovery software for Linux Operating System. It can recover files from various formats and drives easily. It runs smoothly and comes with all the advanced features and utilities.

R-Studio – Pricing Model

R-Studio Data Recovery Software is available with three different editions for the different types of customers. You will get a single-seat edition of the software for $79.99. The company has its Network edition which is available at $180. And there’s a Technician’s license edition also available at $900. Depending upon your requirements, you can get the right edition from their official website.

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