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DTS-NET Review – Most Trusted Web Hosting Service Provider For WordPress


DTS-NET is one among the oldest hosting providers. Since 1997 it has been providing different web hosting services for professional uses. It has an excellent and dedicated team which continuously works to provide affordable as well as useful hosting services along with you managing good customer service. They have many agendas to fulfil one of them is to make a go to competition in the internet world. One of the best feature of their services is that they provide support to customers in any major language in the world.

Features of DTS-NET

DTS-NET is full of amazing features that helps you to provide any kind of web hosting services such as domain registration, SSL certificate, management console, Database Management, webmail, hosting packages and many more. Apart from always there are many other features which it provides and some of them are as follows:

  • Professional services for business: it helps you to provide many expenses services which are not provided at most of the other companies. You can avail all kinds of services including, internet marketing, E-Commerce setup and even website designing or development.
  • cPanel: cPanel is considered the best and the most recommended for best hosting dashboard and it is being used as DTS- NET for providing services.
  • Customised services: if you are looking for any kind of customised services then you can definitely go for DTS-NET as unlike many other host services providing companies, it provides you customised services according to your requirements.
  • Many free applications: At DTS-NET, you will find more than 400 application such as, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc. which can be used to provide different services.

Pros of using DTS-NET

There are many benefits which you can get from DTS-NET such as:

  • All the services are quite affordable and cheaper than many other companies also all the other add on amount is quite straight forward.
  • From this websites you can get your hands on more than 400 internet applications to get services.
  • Almost all the possible services with the cheapest possible rates.
  • If you ever face any problem while availing services from this website’s you can easily Contact customer service department as it is quite active.

Cons of using DTS-NET

Despite of all the benefits which the website provides you, there is always and other side of the coin. Some of these cons are as follows:

  • Only one we found is that EV SSL is missing like many other web hosting providers in the market.

Pricing & Support Services

As mentioned earlier the website provides one of the most affordable hosting services apart from this, the pricing policy is also kept quiet simple to avoid any hassle.

The drill is quite simple:

  1. First of all you have to select the plan all the service which you are looking for.
  2. Then select any domain which is available that time.
  3. Pick a few other options among the services which you are looking for.
  4. At last, simply pay for all the plans or services you chose.

Sometimes there may be a case that you have to pay more than you availed because of several policies. Also for each plan customers will be able to opt out or in for different add-ons including bandwidth, data migration services, SSL services, etc., and it will show you monthly subscription fee for each of the plan.

Web-Hosting Plans

Linux Reseller Hosting

Cloud VM Server

Bottom Line

DTS-Net is one of the best hosting provider which offers you almost all the web hosting services. The services here are quite affordable as compared to the other companies as the claim to provide one of the cheapest services. However the solutions been provided are not suitable for Enterprises because of the problem of more frequent down time what are perfectly suitable for all those who are looking services on a cheaper rate.

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