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RegistrationMagic Best Free User Registration WordPress Plugin


WordPress strength comes from the plugins that enable unpredictable features that a dynamic website offers. You can get the features of dynamic websites by adding a bunch of plugins to your WordPress sites. Registration forms are extremely important for Magazines websites, Blogs, Academy websites, and more.

But, which is the #1 WordPress User Registration Plugin?

Registrationmagic is a WordPress Registration Plugin that enables you to add all sorts of forms to your WordPress websites and blogs comfortably in a few clicks.

#1 – Registrationmagic Features

But, what makes Registrationmagic different from the rest of the similar plugins in the WordPress market?

1. Form Manager

Form manager is the first option you can find in the plugin window. It helps you organise and find every form you have added to the website so far. In the window, you can find Create a new form, Remove a form, Duplicate a form, Settings to edit the forms, Fields to make changes, and you can filter them to find a specific form.

2. Custom Fields

As the title suggests, custom fields enable you to add, change, remove, edit, and organise every field the way you see it fit. You have full freedom to add custom CSS class, add custom icons from over 900 Google icons, duplicate fields in a click, add a custom label, add colour, add transparency, drag and drop feature as well.

There are more functions in custom fields that you have to check out yourself.

3. Form & Fields Analytics

I consider analytics the most important feature that every tool should come inbuilt because it helps you shape your business to increase conversion rate. It helps you identify the number of WordPress User Registration count within a specific period.

What will you learn from inbuilt analytics?

Every visitor IP and Geolocation is recorded for learning purpose. It explains the conversion percentage of the visitors using Piechart. You can view the browsers used by the visitors when they spent time on the site using Piechart, and it includes browser-wise conversion rate. Average form filling time and failure rate of form filling.

You can fetch deep information from the analytics feature, and it may not be accurate, but it will shape your business for sure.

4. Products

You can add your products to the WordPress forms, and it will enable you to sell your products online. The RegistrationMagic allows you to manage it in a separate manager and you can Multi-Select, add custom sub-pricing, and more to the product form.

5. Inbuilt Browser

In case, if you want to add custom links like Images, Zip files, Attachments, and more to the products to present the demo to the users, then you have an inbuilt browser. The browser does not leave the page, and it opens the added link within the product form, and you can add anything to it.

By using this feature, you can quickly provide a presentation to the customers.

6. Email Functions

You have access to the registered user’s emails, and you can take leverage to send emails to the registered users, who can convert into customers for future products. You can prepare an email and send them to specific email users who have submitted a specific form.

You can send personalised email messages by merging Mail. You can quickly view the number of recipients for a specific form, and you can monitor queue messages.

Overall, email marketing is quite handy, when you can do it within the registered users.

7. User Roles & Manager

RegistrationMagic has added many interesting features to the plugin, and it includes user manager & user roles.

In the user manager:

The filtering feature is advanced, where you can filter out registered users, who have signed up this today, week, month and year. You can even filter the registered users by their status, which is an excellent feature for marketers.

You can filter those who are inactive, and you can deactivate a group of registered users in a click. You have full access to editing the existing user account without any limitations or restrictions. You can view submissions and transactions by each registered user.

In the user roles:

You can create, edit, and modify a user from your admin panel. You can assign and inherit the roles to the users using WP User roles.

You can do pretty much anything that an administrator can do it from the WordPress dashboard.

In case, if you want to learn WordPress Registration Page step-by-step, then you can check out the official page of RegistrationMagic.


RegistrationMagic offers a free version with three extensions and limited features. But, you can opt for premium and premium plus version for $89 – $189 to unlock all features. The premium version offers every feature I have mentioned above for one site, while premium plus cost double, but you can use it on unlimited sites. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.

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