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Use WhatsApp on web browser online – WhatsApp Web client launched officially! | Official...

Using WhatsApp on Web browser / Internet browser is now a dream come true! . WhatsApp has now officially launched its Web version for...

3 Websites to get hidden Alexa Pro Stats & features for Free! without subscription

There are only a few reliable sites when it comes to comparing the traffic and overall ranking , statistics of a website like alexa,similarweb,quantcast...

Tutorial – How to disable/Stop YouTube Autoplay of Videos and Playlists in Chrome/Firefox

One of the most annoying thing present in YouTube is its Autoplay - Its starts playing the video as soon as its get opened, or we click on it So, here's the easiest method to Stop YouTube auto play Click here to download SmartVideo for YouTube -  Chrome.

5 Awesome YouTube extensions to enhance YouTube usage/experience! [Chrome/Firefox]

Its almost impossible to find an internet user who hasn't used YouTube So here are the 5 Best & Awesome extensions which will enhance your YouTube experience and make a pleasant viewing! Extension # 1 - SmartVideo for YouTube

7 Best Free VPNs for Chrome -7 free VPN Apps/Extensions for Chrome OS/Chrome browser/Google...

So, VPNs are really very useful services and here we present you the Best 7 Free VPN services (apps/extensions) for Google Chrome Browser/Chromebooks i.e VPN for chrome OS. hence, it is able to run on Chrome OS too!.

ARChon Android Emulator for Google Chrome OS/Linux/Windows and Mac|Install and Run Android Apps in...

ARChon is the first Android Emulator which is supported on Google Chrome OS It works on Google Chrome browser too and thus can be used on Windows , Linux as well Mac OS too! ARChon Runtime Package/Extension installed on Google Chrome .

How to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android without PC by PhoneSwappr

Hence, i started looking around for some alternatives to transfer contacts from windows phone to android and found this one as the best and most reliable - PhoneSwappr App! All i did was installing the app on my Windows Phone and Android and the rest was easy :P :D

Yosapp – WhatsApp Web client to use WhatsApp directly on browser – Whatsapp Website...

-  WhatsApp Web UI! (Use Whatsapp through Website)  .  Yosapp enables a user to use WhatsApp Protocol directly through the Browser :) , it means that, to access WhatsApp through Yosapp there's no need to download any WhatsApp App/Client whatsoever (You can use WhatsApp on Opera Mini and UC Browser(Ucweb) too :P ) WhatsApp Web UI (No need to Download Any WhatsApp Client!).

3 Ways to find & Detect Font of Website or in a Webpage

Recently I was browsing through the Line friendconverter site and i really liked the font name, and wanted to add it to my PC so here are the Best 3 Methods to find font of website which i found better :) Easiest way ! Method II : Using Font Finder Add-On for Firefox And using it is quite easy to use too.