5 Best Websites to Watch Movies Online legally in India for Free! on PC & Android Mobiles


Premium Online Streaming Services such as Netflix , hulu Plus are not available in India, and hence there are very few options when it comes to Online Streaming content providers. Watching movies on these online Streams offer a host of benefits such as they skip the downloading part altogether which helps not only in saving time… [Read More]

Use GoogleWebLight.com to speed up website loading time! & reduce data consumption on your mobile (Android/iOS) and PC too!


Many times our cellular data connection’s speed is quite slow be it 2G or 3G , which hampers the loading speed or even simple loading of a website on our mobile devices. Some websites even have some type of ads, which don’t let users view content without clicking on “Skip ad” and some even fail to… [Read More]

Method to transfer data/music from iPhone to Windows Phone or Transfer Photos from iPhone to Lumia [Windows Phone]


iOS devices earlier used to be isolated from other devices like Windows Phone , as iPhones couldn’t send to or receive files from Lumia devices. Not anymore though, you can now use ShareIt iOS – Windows Phone app to send/receive or to transfer data/music from Windows Phone to iPhone or how to transfer  data/files send photos… [Read More]

3 ways to use a single-1 Gmail id as many-multiple ids! Gmail dot trick (.) and + plus tricks!


Heya folks, E-Mail or electronic mail is the most widely used means of communication over the Internet , also its kinda an impression of a person’s online identity. GMail is one such popular e-mail service provided by Google!. But do you know that a single or even one GMail ID can be used as multiple… [Read More]

3 Best Indian CashBack Websites to get free Cashback on Flipkart, Amazon.in etc – All Indian e-commerce Online Shopping portals supported


We all love shopping isn’t it ? and are always looking for coupons to save even more on our already discounted online purchases. Yes, its possible to even save more on our purchases through cashbacks! . Cashbacks are the next most awesome things to hit Indian online market , Cashback is repayment of a particular… [Read More]

Use WhatsApp on web browser online – WhatsApp Web client launched officially! | Official WhatsApp web client


Using WhatsApp on Web browser / Internet browser is now a dream come true! . WhatsApp has now officially launched its Web version for using online on your browser. Now you can easily chat with your WhatsApp account/buddies online directly through your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox , Safari or any other Web Browser . (Sadly,… [Read More]

3 Websites to get hidden Alexa Pro Stats & features for Free! without subscription


There are only a few reliable sites when it comes to comparing the traffic and overall ranking , statistics of a website like alexa,similarweb,quantcast etc. Alexa.com is perhaps the most widely used one as its more widely used, and provides the basic ranking stats of a website for free!. But Alexa free account doesn’t provides… [Read More]

Tutorial – How to disable/Stop YouTube Autoplay of Videos and Playlists in Chrome/Firefox

One of the most annoying thing present in YouTube is its Autoplay – Its starts playing the video as soon as its get opened, or we click on it So, here’s the easiest method to Stop YouTube auto play Click here to download SmartVideo for YouTube –  Chrome.