How to Block Ads on Safari iOS: iPhone or iPad using Presto


Our browsing activities are constantly tracked and so is our privacy breached , this is done by malicious scripts which run in your web browser while browsing low-quality websites. Now, in order to save users from such tracking Apple included Content Blocker support in Safari browser from its iOS 9 series update. Here’s a tutorial… [Read More]

How to Easily Create & View GIF in iPhone & iPad [Animated Images GIFs in iPhone / iPad ]


GIF or Graphics Interchange Format images are great fun because they show motion as in Videos but actually are animated Images and hence have a lesser time too. Besides, this unlike Videos gif’s are looped continuously in Browsers and don’t have any Play & Pause button thus giving an infinite loop feeling which makes them even… [Read More]

How to create a Fake WhatsApp account with Spoof Number on Android / iOS [Using USA Number in any Country!]


Many times, we need to use WhatsApp for sending or receiving messages/media without showing or using our real mobile number or even trick our friends and message without revealing our Identity. Now, by using the following tutorial you will be able to create a fake WhatsApp account with a spoofed U.S.A number in any country,… [Read More]