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Earn Your Microsoft MCSA, MCS and MCSE Certifications with the Help of Exam Dumps


Microsoft  is one of the most famous software providers around the world. Apart from a broad range of electronics, personal computers and computer software, Microsoft also issues IT certifications for specialists working with Windows OS, Windows Server, Office 365, Azure, Cloud technologies, Database, SQL Server and other Microsoft products.

Microsoft certification

Microsoft certification program has a few stages for the specialists who are on different proficiency levels and among them are MCSA (associate), MCSD (developer) and MCSE (expert). All certification paths require passing specific exams. In this article, we will talk about the most sought-after certification options offered by Microsoft company.

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So, let’s see which Microsoft certification options are popular in the IT field:

MCSA certification

MCSA is an associate-level certification which is designed for novice professionals and covers a wide range of Microsoft technologies and products. There are more than 17 options for MCSA certification and below we will discuss the most interesting of them.

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MCSA: Web Applications certification

This credential is designed to validate the individual’s skills required for the implementation of advanced web apps. MCSA: Web Applications can earn you a position of a web administrator or web developer. To get certified, you need to clear either exam 70-480 or 70-483 along with exam 70-486.

70-480 exam

Exam 70-480 focuses on the programming in HTML5 with the use of JavaScript and CSS3. The exam also covers program flow implementation, data access, the use of CSS3 in applications and more.

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70-483 exam

Exam 70-483 is all about programming in C#. This test contains topics related to the program flow management, the creation of the types, data access implementation, application debugging and more.

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70-486 exam

Exam 70-486 concentrates on the development of ASP.NET MVC web applications. The exam covers application architecture, deployment architecture, UI design and development, troubleshooting of the applications and more.

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MCSA: Cloud Platform certification

MCSA: Cloud Platform is another associate-level certification which allows the candidate to work as a cloud architect or cloud administrator. Also, this credential can serve as a prerequisite to MCSE certification.

To get certified, you need to clear two exams from four offered: 70-532, 70-533, 70-535 and 70-537. Note that the last exam has not yet held.

70-532 exam

Exam 70-532 focuses on the development of Microsoft Azure solutions and includes topics related to data and storage strategy, identity management, the creation of Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines and more.

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70-533 exam

Exam 70-533 is concentrated on the implementation of Microsoft Azure infrastructure solutions and covers topics related to the deployment of ARM templates, recovery services, the administration of Azure security services and more.

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70-535 exam

Exam 70-535 is all about architecting Microsoft Azure solutions. The topics include identity solutions, security solutions, data implementation, the designing of compute infrastructure and more.

Please keep in mind that this certification and all related exams retire on December 31, 2018.

MCSD: App Builder certification

MCSD: App Builder credential confirms that the candidate is able to construct modern mobile-based and web-based applications and services. With this certification, you can count on the position of an application developer. To get certified, you need to successfully pass one exam from the six offered. However, the most popular option for MCSD: App Builder is 70-487 exam.

70-487 exam

Exam 70-487 concentrates on the development of Microsoft Azure and web services. The topics include data access, data querying and manipulation with the use of entity framework, web API-based services and more.

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MCSE: Productivity certification

This expert-level credential is designed to validate the individual’s abilities required to transfer the company to the cloud, decrease data loss, advance data security and enhance user flexibility and productivity. To get certified, the candidate should first complete MCSA certification related to Office 365, Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016 and then sit for one exam from the eight offered. The most popular exam option for this certification is 70-333 exam.

Now, let’s take a closer look at one particular certification exam and reveal some preparation details.

70-333 exam

Microsoft 70-333, officially known as Deploying Enterprise Voice with Skype for Business 2015, is a certification exam that has to be passed in order to get the MCSE credential. The test is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to accomplish every technical task dealing with Enterprise Voice. As the name suggests, the exam completely focuses on Skype that is widely used for communication purposes in various businesses.

The candidates applying for the test should already have some basic experience in deploying, maintaining, planning and designing solutions that would be helpful in unifying Skype communications in business environments and on various devices. The students must also be aware of various functions Skype comes up with, including web conferences, telephone calls, video calls, availability, security and much more. Along with all these, the test takers should also know how to troubleshoot and monitor Skype for Business.

Exam details

Microsoft 70-333 certification test is one of the professional exams that may be taken by individuals from the field of IT and telecommunications. The experts who are capable of designing, planning, maintaining and deploying solutions are encouraged to register for this exam. But it should be noted that the applicants must also come with at least 2 years of experience in the area of Skype deployment. Below you will find some other exam details.

  • There are 55 exam questions in total.
  • The questions included in the test are in a multiple-choice format.
  • The time limit for completing the exam is 90 minutes.
  • You need to score around 60% to pass the test and get the certificate.
  • The exam can be taken in two languages: English and Japanese.

The certification test covers the following topics:

  • Planning and designing Skype for Business and Enterprise Voice
  • Deploying and configuring Enterprise Voice
  • Managing and troubleshooting Enterprise Voice

Useful hints on how to clear Microsoft 70-333 exam

No doubt, any professional test is a little difficult to clear. Nevertheless, there are some effective ways that will help in clearing the exam with ease. Just follow the steps presented below:

Try to find the previous exam dumps

While applying for this Microsoft MCSE exam, make sure you go through some exam dumps. There are high chances that Microsoft will include some questions in the most recent version after simply rearranging the word order. Sure, the test might also come with a couple of surprise questions, but learning a few previous questions will certainly help in getting a good score at the end of the exam. For the students who have failed before, a customized set of exam dumps is very beneficial.

Exam dumps are truly the best way to accurately prepare for any certification exam. Microsoft 70-333 dumps are available on the Internet. They come with every question from the previous tests which is extremely useful. The exam dumps give a real experience of the test environment, which helps in getting prepared for the real exam. The dumps on the websites like ExamSnap are regularly updated to include the most recent exam questions.

If you are looking for the latest exam dumps, visit https://www.examsnap.com/ website.

Go for the books written by professionals

There are numerous books and other study resources available on the Internet that you can use while preparing for the test. Randomly selecting any of them is surely not going to be beneficial. Instead, look for the books and study guides that are written by professionals of the IT field. The source you select should be updated with the latest questions and other high-quality training materials that help you prepare for the real exam.

Make notes whenever necessary

While preparing for the test, be sure to mark the most important questions and answers. Write them down separately, as you will be able to use them later while revising the topics. This technique also makes the content easy to remember, even the most challenging questions. So, carry a notebook and a pen for writing down important concepts when you study. If you use the tips described above, the exam becomes easier to pass. This certification test arms you with the skills that are required for working in various industries.


Microsoft certification exams are truly focused on the development of the individual’s skills and knowledge. They can surely help you to get the desired job position in a big company and work on interesting and advanced projects. Microsoft credential is also known to raise your income and makes you a prime candidate for promotion.


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