Stremio The Best App For Movie And Series Buffs

Nowadays watching and consuming media on stream is the fad. And to be honest it is quite convenient as well. As why to keep all the things you like to watch on the local drive, when you can stream it whenever and wherever you want it. But over the time, many huge companies have come up with their streaming portals. And every movie, and TV series is not available across all streaming platforms. To quote an example, you won’t find ‘Narcos’ on Amazon Prime Video, while there will be many titles you won’t find on Netflix. And this has been the crux of the problem.

So a vast media consumer like me has to get keep so many apps on their phone. To help me consume all the stuff across different platforms. Enter Stremio. Stremio is a cross platform streaming platform. Now, this is not a new idea. But definitely it is the best execution so far. What is lets you do is stream different media files from different media streaming portals. And all you need is just one app. Isn’t that great?

Features of the iOS App:

As we said above, Stremio is the best execution of a cross platform streaming portal. And that is a bold statement to make. Let us have a look that how really it is. As we discuss the features which come along in some detail.

The different platform support on the Stremio app is immense. Almost all of the major streaming players are included into their platform. And they do so by integrating add-ons. For example, if you are looking to add Spotify or Netflix, you just have to use an add on for it. And you are all set. Namely the titles, which they support at the time of writing this review are, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitch, FilmonTV, and iTunes.


The app will be fetching you the best quality of the video formats, the source is providing. So no compromises there. Also there is an option for sub titles. If you are an user who likes to watch with the subtitles on, so that also should not be a platform.

The app also lets you create and segregate the stuff you watch. There are multiple options for you to create playlists. And organize the Movies, Music, TV series you watch. And this feature really makes all the media easy to navigate and access.

navigate and access

Also Stremio will be notifying you when you there is a new episode of any series you are following. So it is completely feasible for you to eliminate source apps. What I mean byt eh statement is, you can simply uninstall the Netflix app and at the same time consume the content from it, and even get notified once new content is put up by Netflix through Stremio. And that just makes our lives super easy. They have provided the app over various platforms for again, making it super easy to access. The app is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and also for Linux. However in the next section, we shall be only discussing about the interface of the iOS app.

The Interface:

Since now, you have already read about the things Stremio can do. Let us actually take a sneak peak into the interface, and where and how things are actually organized the ground level.

When you open the app, it will ask you to register an account with the platform. There are also options to Sign In with the help of facebook. Which again is a feature included to make your life easier. The whole concept of this app is to make your life easier, and more organized.

login page

Now as you log in, you will be presented a board. Where all the trending content will be posted. Now this board will evolve only after you have some significant time spent watching with the app. So it will be suggesting you the content like the TV Series, and the Movies you may like. And that will be depending on your history of consumed content. As you can see in the image below, you can also choose between the type on content you wish to watch. Like for instance, Movies or TV series.

The library section will include the content you have added in your list. Mostly it is for the use of saving it for later usage. Or also when you are compiling a list of your favorite movies or TV series. SO that you don’t have to search it again and again.


In the Settings Sections, there is an add on, which will be letting you create add ons and manage them. You can see so in the attached screenshot.


So as you have read. Stremio is a really organised and well thought out app. And you will only feel so after you try it. So my advice is to head out to the play store and use the app, and feel the change. It will be really helping you to make your life easier. It will be best working on an ipad. But also works fine with the iPhone. The buffering is fluid and smooth, and the app in itself is really streamlined. And for you to experience it, you will have to try it out. GO and try it, it’s free. Also if you wish to know anything further about the app or the platform as such. feel free to comment below, and we will be more than happy to get back to you.

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